Types Of Questions

  1. Descriptive Text or Category
  2. Multiple Choices
  3. Text
  4. Matrix
  5. Rating Scale
  6. Semantic Differential Scale
Descriptive Text or Category
icon:Descriptive Text or Category

This question type can be used when you want to enter text into the survey without asking a question.

Multiple Choices
Icon: Multiple Choices Multiple Choices: This include having to choose one/more answers from the answer choices.
  1. Only One Answer;
  2. Only One Answer: Per Row;
  3. Multiple Answers;
  4. Multiple Answer: Per Row;
  5. Drop-Down Menus.

Multiple Choices
IconL Text
  1. Single Text Box;
  2. Comment Box;
  3. Password.
Icon: Matrix Matrix
Rating Scale
Icon: Rating Scale These questions allow respondents to rate items based on some rating criteria.
Rate Scale
Semantic Differential Scale
Icon: Semantic Differential Scale Semantic Differential Scale is a type of a rating scale designed to measure the connotative meaning of objects, events, and concepts.
Semantic Differential Scale