Item Pricing
Free Survey Basic Setting Responses per survey 200
Customed expiration
Custom "Entry" page
Custom "Thank-you" page
Advanced Setting Password-protected
Private Survey Mode with Generated ID (→瀏覽所有題型)
Languages - Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese or English 有提供
Reponses limiting 有提供
Survey Editing Types of questions (→瀏覽所有題型) All
Sample Questions V
Number of questions allowed Unlimited
Question logic (→View all types of question)
Pages Setting
Survey Results Export Your Data (Excel)
Real-time results with pie chart, bar chart and line chart
Delete responses online(→view all types of  questions)

Professional Service

Responses Add 200 responses 100 Points
Add 500 responses 200 Points
Add 1,000 responses 300 Points
Add 2,000 responses 600 Points
Customed IDnew
整合您單位的學號、員工編號、研究編號。讓您瀏覽結果的同時可以馬上追蹤到受訪者 (→) 1,000 Points
Filter Filter questions(→) 3,600 Points
It's FREE now!
Analysis Survey analysis (→) 3,600 Points
It's FREE now!
Hide Result Hide survey and survey result(→) 500 Points
Remove Advertisments Remove mySurvey logo and advertisements(→) 100 Points
Reports Report (→) 1,000 Points


You must have enough points before you can use the Professional items with required points!


  1. Survey A with 150 max response count and with no mySurvey logo and Banner, this will cost 100 Points.
  2. Survey B with 350 max response count and with no mySurvey logo and Banner, this will cost 200 Points.


  1. 1 Point=1 (NTD)!!
  2. All the transaction you made will leave a record in your transaction log page. (Transaction Log)
  3. If you aquire more than 2,200 Survey Responses, please contact us^^

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