Edit Survey

Step1. Drag and drop or click to create a question.

Step2. Edit your question.


  • Question types in mySurvey.
  • Multiple Choice:Only One/Multiple Answer consists of "Other"Option. You can tick on the checkbox and we will do the work!
  • Image, you can insert image in Description column to create a Image Question. Note:the width of survey page is 650px please make sure your image width is smaller than the width of your survey page, if not we will resize the image for you and this might result in blurred.
  • You can choose Required or Not required for all questions.
  • mySurvey provide Sample Questions, all you need is to choose the question you want for the survey.
  • Click to set skip logics(Guide: Skip-Logic).
  • Click to copy question.
  • Click X to remove unwanted questions.
  • Once you have complete writing questions you can alter question order by clickingarrow or drag and drop the questions( Guide: Question Order).

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