Before you can start surveying, you need to Sign Up first.

Browse through our help articles below, we have created two series of tutorials Create Survey and Managing Account. It's easy to create a survey using mySurvey, just open a Sign Up and get started with the following steps:

► Manage surveys

  1. My Surveys - Manage your surveys
  2. Basic setting
  3. Edit Survey
  4. Publish Your Survey
  5. Survey Entry

► Advanced

  1. Skip Logic Setting
  2. Add Response
  3. Hide Quiz & Result
  4. Remove mySurvey Logo and Advertisements

► Survey Results

  1. Single response
  2. Delete response new
  3. Analytics

► Example Survey

  1. General Public Survey: Sample Quesionnaire
  2. Password Protected Survey: Password-Protected Survey (password: abcd)
  3. Skip Logic Survey(Hide Results and Remove mySurvey Logo & ads): Customer Satisfaction Survey
  4. Public Survey without google banner: 逛街滿意度對再度光臨意願影響之探討

► Other

  1. Pricing
  2. How To Add Points
  3. Transaction Log

For those questions that are not found above, please go FAQ to find a solution. If your problem is still not solved feel free to leave your problem on our Forum or mail us, and we'll get your question answered quickly.