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2.Survey Design

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  • What is the difference between PUBLIC Result and PRIVATE Result?
  • 1. With Public Result, the result of the survey can be viewed by all users and respondents.
    2. With Private Result, the result can only be viewed by survey author.
  • Do I need to wait till my survey reach to the end of publishing date to view the result?
  • mySurvey provide two ways of collecting result. Export data into excel or view result online, either way it could be viewed anytime.
  • How do I view result by??
  • mySurvey provide two ways of collecting result, export data into excel or view result online
    1. View Online: Each response will be calculated in order to display into a bar graph.
    2. Export: Responses will be exported into excel with original answers.
  • How do I download my survey results?
  • You can download/export result anytime during/after publishing date into excel(.xls)
  • How does the system design question number or question options number?
  • When you export responses into excel(.xls) you will have 2 sheets
    First sheet(Question), display all your questions and answers and its question/answer number

    Second sheet(Response), display all the responses that have been made

    Note: Question number are defined in:
    1. Multiple Choice: One answer only(q1) and Multiple Choice: Multiple answers(q2):q2_1、q2_2、q2_3 this means question1 option1, question1 option2 and question1 option3.
    2. Rating Scale(q3):q3_a_1, q3_a_2, q3_b_1, the "a" and "b" indicates sub-questions of question 3.
    3. Text(q4):display the text content.