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  • Why is ID of Private Survey Mode random charater and digits instead of fixed Formula?
  • Unique ID are needed for specific group of respondents other than having annoymous respondents result in data error.
  • What do I do with System Generated ID?
  • mySurvey Generated ID exports into excel(.xls) and each ID is display per row, you can give the ID to the specific group of respondents.
  • How do I put in Group Code with Private Survey Mode?
  • A benefit of creating multiple Group Code is that it enables you to reach different audiences with one survey. With each having their own unique settings, they work independently of one another to enable greater collection control.
    For example: School. You are an educator and need to survey Student Responses, Teacher Responses, and Administrator Responses. Create a collector for each individual audience. Here you would create three different collectors to send a link to each specific group:
    * Student Group
    * Teacher Group
    * Administrator Group
  • How many set of Group Code can we have? does it have to be unique?
  • mySurvey allows you to name your own Group Code but it must be charater A-Z and 0-9 and total of 5 characters per Group Code. In combination you can have 36^5 = 60,466,176 different unique Group Code in total. (Note! each Group Code must be unique in a Survey)
  • Why is there no feedback amount column in Public Survey Mode?
  • With Public Survey, it can be response by all users, so you do not provide ID for specific respondents and therefore no feedback amount will be calculated.