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2.Survey Design

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  • I am a general user would like to write a response to a survey, do I need to sign up to be a member of mySurvey?
  • If you are a respondant and wish to write a response towards a public survey then you will not aquire to become a member of mySurvey. mySurvey account is for user who wish to design/make a survey. If the Survey that you wish to response is under private mode then you will need to find the author of the survey and ask for an ID.
  • Can I still write a reponse when the Survey says it is FULL?
  • Sorry, once the Maximum Response Count Reached respondents who access the survey link will see the closed survey message instead of being directed to the survey unless the author of the survey reset the Maximum Response Count to higher level.
  • How do I register so I can create a survey?
  • If you want to create a survey, you will have to sign up and become a member of mySurvey. Once you have registered, you will recieve a set of password from your given email account. You may use the login(Email-Address) and given password to log into mySurvey and start to design your survey.
  • Do you have a sample survey?
  • We made two sample surveys:
    General Public Survey: This is a sample survey by mySurvey
    Skip Logic Survey: Customer Satisfaction Survey
    Public Survey without google banner:逛街滿意度對再度光臨意願影響之探討