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2.Survey Design

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  • What types of questions can I add to my survey?
  • When you add or edit questions in the design mode, a dropdown menu is provided for selecting the type you want to use:
    1. Multiple Choices: This include having to choose one/more answers from the answer choices.。
    2. Text: this include Single Text Box, Comment Box and Password:
    3. Rating Scale: These questions allow respondents to rate items based on some rating criteria.
    4. Matrix;
    5. Semantic Differential Scale: Semantic differential is a type of a rating scale designed to measure the connotative meaning of objects, events, and concepts. The connotations are used to derive the attitude towards the given object.
    6. Descriptive Text or Category: This question type can be used when you want to enter text into the survey without asking a question.
  • Can I alter question flow(sort and logic)?
  • Yes, mySurvey provide this sorting method so go up/down by clicking on the arrows arrow-up .